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We are manufacturers & exporters of Pulses Processing Machines, pulverizing & Grinding equipment, Screening machinery, Mixing machinery & blenders, Food Processing Plant & Machines, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Snack Machine, Nuts, seeds, dry fruits processing machinery, Beverage Processing Machinery, Domestic kitchen appliances etc. engaged in producing reliable machines.

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Founded in 1991, Techno Agencies is one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in Gujarat State. The formula for its continued success is an unwavering commitment to quality and service, and as a result, to long lasting customer relationships.

The company was founded on the philosophy that customers demand quality equipment engineered to specification and provided at a competitive price. Through the generations, Techno has never compromised on this principle, and is respected as an industry leader and innovator for its precision size reduction equipment like pulverizers, hammer mills, blending equipment like ribbon blenders, paddle mixers,. Through its efforts in solving the most difficult of mixing, blending, size reduction and other food processing problems encountered by customers through most of two decade, Techno has continuously improved the performance of its equipment to a level unmatched by any comparable manufacturer worldwide.

Since 1991, Techno has continually set the industry standard for durability, evidenced by numerous machines operating at customer locations to this day.

As important as reliability, however, is Techno's pace-setting technology that enables you to cut energy costs, increase capacity, minimize maintenance and boost efficiency while producing higher quality products.

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